Month: April 2021

2021-04-25 Sunday

WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW The presidential election market run is still in place. After a shallow drop of the S&P500 (SPY) at the beginning of the week, the price recovered most of the weekly losses by the closing bell on Friday.  Weekly performance (Week 16/2021)– SPY (S&P500) -0.12%– QQQ (Nasdaq100) -0.76%– DIA (Dow Jones Industrial) -0.42%– IWM (Small Caps) +0.49% The volatility index (VIX) …

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2021-04-18 Sunday

WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW The S&P500 (SPY) posted another record week and still looking very extended on the upside. At the same time the volatility index (VIX) is still trading lower and now in the 15-16 range. All of this seems to be a perfect setup for an upcoming pullback. Weekly performance (Week 15/2021)– SPY (S&P500) +1.40%– QQQ (Nasdaq100) +1.45%– DIA (Dow …

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2021-04-11 Sunday

WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW Another strong week for the markets with S&P500 (SPY) and Dow Industrial (DIA) pushing to fresh new all-time highs, and starting to look very extended on the upside. Mega tech stocks (QQQ) have been the weekly leaders and now are about to test resistance at former all-time highs. Small caps (IWM) have …

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