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The Options Trading Club is looking to help you generate consistent returns in the stock market while not losing sleep over your positions. Our goal is to share knowledge and trading ideas, and support each other on the journey to financial success.

The combination of sound options strategies and related trading ideas, and access to an exclusive community of like-minded traders and investors, will provide you with a friendly and supportive learning environment suitable for people with any level of financial experience.

We use some of the best and safest options strategies, having relatively lower risk and higher profitability than many of the other popular option strategies out there.

Whether you are relatively new to options and the stock market, an investor aiming to generate additional income from your portfolio, or a stock trader looking to gain an additional edge in the market, then you are in the right place.


  • Simple stock charting and price action analysis. I focus on finding actionable high-quality opportunities while filtering the noise.
  • Access to an Exclusive Community of like-minded traders. Be part of a serious and committed group of very supportive and friendly people. No trolls allowed.
  • Group chats with trading ideas on multiple sound options strategies. All members can post their charts and ideas, ask questions, and share information.
  • Learn, share and grow through real-time authentic and engaging conversations.
  • Friendly learning environment suitable for traders with any level of experience. Surround yourself with other traders for motivation and accountability, both in good and tough times.
  • No Spam. No Fluff. No BS.
  • Free Mobile App to stay in touch wherever you are. No need to stay chained to your computer.

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