2021-01-24 Sunday

WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW With the new US president finally at the White House, this four trading days week has seen most indices recovering from the previous week’s losses and back to a test of all-time highs. Weekly performance:– SPY (S&P500) +1.91%– QQQ (Nasdaq100) +4.35%– DIA (Dow Jones Industrial) +0.60%– IWM (Small Caps) +2.02% The SP500 (SPY) broke out to all-time highs on the …

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2021-01-13 Wednesday

Wednesday has been another relative quiet day with mixed price action between various sectors and major stocks. With already a CSP expiring this week I decided to take a chance on AMD pullback and open a new CSP at the same $89 strike but expiring on 01/22. SWK has been one of the worst daily …

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2020-12-31 Thursday

I had two other CSPs expiring in the last trading week of the year, and both expired worthless. The 12/31 CSP $90 on AMD is the classical example of a fully profitable trade despite the stock price has been falling from the entry. I was able to keep the entire $152 premium and generate a …

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