2021-01-24 Sunday

WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW With the new US president finally at the White House, this four trading days week has seen most indices recovering from the previous week’s losses and back to a test of all-time highs. Weekly performance:– SPY (S&P500) +1.91%– QQQ (Nasdaq100) +4.35%– DIA (Dow Jones Industrial) +0.60%– IWM (Small Caps) +2.02% The SP500 (SPY) broke out to all-time highs on the …

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2021-01-11 Monday

Choppy price action throughout the entire Monday’s session with major stocks showing mixed behaviors. Headlines remain heavily negative but stock owners keep holding and looking for higher prices. That is confirming the strength of a market that refuses to go down on bad news. Finally, also TSLA took a break after the recent wild run! …

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2020-12-29 Tuesday

I closed the CSP on FB expiring this week. The stock was quite overbought and with very little premium left, so I preferred to take risk off the table while keeping 96% of the original premium collected on 12/15. Despite breaking down the ascending trend line the price never got close to the strike level. …

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