2021-01-11 Monday

Choppy price action throughout the entire Monday’s session with major stocks showing mixed behaviors. Headlines remain heavily negative but stock owners keep holding and looking for higher prices. That is confirming the strength of a market that refuses to go down on bad news. Finally, also TSLA took a break after the recent wild run! …

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2020-12-28 Monday

Despite a positive day for the overall market most of the strongest momentum stocks were hit hard. FVRR has been one of them having the third negative day in a row with a deep red candle. In the second hour of the session I sold a 01/15 $185 CSP (cash-secured-put) collecting a $745 credit. At …

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2020-12-26 Saturday

This was a short trading week due to Christmas Holidays. On Thursday the market was open only until 1.00pm while yesterday it was completely closed. I was assigned on WMT as the 12/24 $146 CSP expired ITM. As I initially collected a premium of $1.92 my break even point is now at $144.08, so not …

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